Liquor Licence Renewal in Northern Ireland

Date: Jul 8, 2022

#RenewIn2022 with Mills Selig #YourLegalTeam

Deadline for renewal of liquor licences in Northern Ireland is 30 Sept 2022

Renewal applications must be submitted to the court by 9 August 2022

At Mills Selig we recommend early action to protect the validity of your licence and the success of your business – Any alterations to your premises will affect your renewal application. Get in touch with our liquor licensing expert Maeve Fisher today – or call: 028 9044 5422

#RenewIn22 with Mills Selig #YourLegalTeam

Our Licensing Expertise

  • applications for public houses, hotels, off-licences, restaurants
  • renewals
  • protection orders and transfers
  • amendments/additions to licence terms
  • objections to applications
  • commercial negotiations/sales and purchases of licences
  • social club applications
  • pharmaceutical applications
  • betting and gaming advice

Maeve Fisher, Partner, Head of Licensing
Maeve is an expert in all matters of liquor licensing. Clients benefit from her legal guidance and skilful management of licence renewals as well as applications for changes to premises.

For more information, advice or guidance contact Maeve using the below details:

T: 028 9024 3878

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