Intellectual Property / Information Technology
Intellectual Property / Information Technology

Intellectual Property is increasingly a company’s most valuable asset. Commercial exploitation of IP is the main business driver – but protecting and defending that IP from attack by third parties is just as important.

Our lawyers and solicitors deliver a full service with expertise in all aspects of IP. We advise businesses on strategies that enable their intellectual property assets to be fully protected and commercially exploited. This includes copyright, trademarks and design rights through to joint venture collaborations, franchising and licensing. 

We also help clients enforce their IP rights, resolve trademark disputes, and deal with patents, copyright, data and privacy, internet commerce and technology issues.

Our Intellectual Property & Technology Expertise:

  • copyright & design rights
  • licensing technology, content & trademarks
  • franchising
  • data protection, confidentiality & privacy
  • software development, licensing, supply & procurement
  • joint ventures & strategic alliances
  • distribution, agency & reseller agreements
  • data protection 
  • online terms & conditions


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