Bankruptcy Court Update – August 2022

Date: Aug 22, 2022

This guidance replaces the guidance for Bankruptcy and Companies Masters Courts that was published in May 2022.

The Bankruptcy Court has published new guidance which updates the previous guidance issued in May 2022.

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Individual Bankruptcy Petitions:

This latest guidance sets out the different criteria required in relation to Creditors’ Bankruptcy Petitions for both Non-Crown and Crown debts.

Firstly, Creditors’ Bankruptcy Petitions for Non-Crown debts may be presented to court if:

  1. The petition is grounded on a court judgment, decree or other court order (which must accompany the petition for checking by court staff when the petition is presented); and
  2. The petition is grounded on a statutory demand dated and served on or after 1st June 2022.

If petitions do not meet the above criteria, they will not be accepted by the court office.

Secondly, Creditors’ Bankruptcy Petitions for Crown debts may be presented to court on the same basis as prior to the pandemic, meaning that a court order does not need to be obtained before a statutory demand is issued. This makes the process significantly more straightforward and quicker for Crown debts.

Company Winding Up Petitions:

The latest guidance does not provide any update in relation to Creditor Winding Up Petitions, which have been deferred until after the proposed permanent moratorium rules come into effect in Northern Ireland. However, with no Executive currently sitting at Stormont, there is uncertainty as to when this might be.

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Editorial prepared by Kathryn McIvor, Solicitor, Litigation @ Mills Selig

Kathryn McIvor, Solicitor, Litigation
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