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The coming weeks…

Despite the challenges of the last 12 months, the hospitality sector in Northern Ireland has shown flexibility, resilience and determination whilst highlighting the significant role it plays in our economy. 

Reopening in the coming weeks has challenges too, and the team at Mills Selig have published the below vital considerations for hospitality business preparing to reopen:

Do you need to make any amendments to your premises to ensure the safety of your staff and customers? 

  • Do these changes affect your licensed area? 
  • If so, an amendment application may be required.
  • Preparation now will permit opening as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Do you have an outdoor space or access to outdoor space that could be utilised?

  • An amendment to your licensing plan may increase your trade and profitability and allow you to open at the earliest opportunity.
  • You could also consider agreements to use public areas for outdoor seating.

Are all staff available to return to work? 

  • Are there any measures required to ensure the safety of staff?
  • Do you need to consider holiday entitlements or flexible furlough requests?

Do you have a clear track and trace policy?

  • Have your risk assessments been updated to provide for the maximum protection of staff and customers?

The coming weeks and months…

Reopening will undoubtedly provide new challenges, however, alongside this will be an opportunity to reboot and refresh your business. Mills Selig have identified and are currently advising clients on key action areas to consider ensuring a sustainable and successful future.

A chance to review your business:

  • Funding
  • Strategising business structure
  • Compliance with safety regulations
  • Talent management
  • Property agreement
  • Licensing (indoor and outdoor)

A chance to refresh your business:

  • Property considerations
  • Licensing
  • Fit outs/redevelopment/up-grading
  • Contracts
  • Finance
  • Investments

Being proactive and prepared will ensure a smooth opening and create confidence in both your team members and your customers. At Mills Selig, we bring a business mindset to our legal practice. We think like our clients, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness and above all, results.

Need further advice or help with the above? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Mills Selig:

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