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How can I protect my business from a debtor getting into financial trouble or going into insolvency - Coronavirus Impact

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic many businesses are faced with the very real threat that their unsecured debts will not be paid.  A number of issues should be considered in order to make the best decision as to how best to proceed:

  • Nature of relationship – does the debt relate to a contract for services or unpaid invoices?
  • Status of debtor – is the debtor uniquely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic or has the debtor business been struggling for a long period?
  • Retention of Title – does the debtor hold goods which can be lawfully removed from their premises
  • Interim solutions – is it possible to suspend or renegotiate trading terms until the pandemic subsides?
  • Lien or Security – is there a non-monetary alternative to avoid further losses
  • Court process – what options are available and when will the courts be able to hear any new court business

Clients should seek urgent advice in order to decide the appropriate course of action.


Having the right legal advice at the right time is crucial. Our expert team offers clear, concise and problem-solving legal advice around insolvency and payment queries.

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