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Contracts - Coronavirus Impact

There is a lot of information online about force majeure in the context of COVID-19, but the reality is that every contract is slightly different.  You can only know what your contractual rights and remedies are by reviewing your contracts in the context of the underlying facts.  There is no boilerplate response to this situation.  Understanding your contracts, and using or amending them can be key factors in protecting your business’ future.

We are currently advising clients across a broad range of sectors in relation to the contractual impact of COVID-19.  This work includes providing guidance in relation to ongoing construction projects, manufacturing supply chain issues and drafting contractual provisions to address the ongoing and imminent repercussions of COVID-19.  Now is not the time to keep your contracts in a drawer; now is the time to get advice on how to use your contracts or mould them to ensure that projects and businesses remain viable.


Having the right legal advice at the right time is crucial. Our expert team offers clear, concise and problem-solving legal advice aimed at dealing with contractual issues quickly and effectively.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Adrian Kerr, head of our construction department (details below) or your normal Mills Selig contact to discuss.

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